I want to shoot people.

With my camera.

About a year ago, I fell in love with taking pictures of people, or anything really.  I took a photography class, bought a DSLR and made plans to learn the ins and outs of my camera.  Then, I got pregnant and all I wanted to do was sleep. My camera collected dust.

After having my son, my photography blog turned into my personal blog.  Not necessarily a bad thing, but I want my photography blog back. I contemplated starting another blog, one for photography and one for sharing personal stories. But let's face it, I won't be able to keep two blogs up to date.

I'm sure you've noticed some things have changed and all that personal baggage is gone. You won't see anymore weight updates or DIY projects, but I will guarantee pictures taken by me with every post. I can't promise that you won't get any personal stories, but there will always be a photograph included (more than likely of my little cutie).

I am far from a professional photographer. I have a lot to learn. I'd love to be able to make photography my full time job, but more importantly, I want my son to have some really great images to look back on.

Follow me on my journey as I shoot, make mistakes, tweak things, shoot again and, hopefully, develop my style.


  1. Although you have the CUTEST little baby of your own to shoot... as you can probably tell by my blog/Facebook I loooove taking a bazillion pictures! Haha. Unfortunately I haven't had the time or money to take a class and buy a great camera. So Bailey is always available for you to take pictures of! :) :)

  2. Your blog looks AMAZING! I will miss your personal updates but I get to see you everyday anyway. I already think you're an awesome photographer and can't wait to see more!