Bran Bran

Wow. 18. A senior and taller than me. Finally, right Bran? :)

I can remember the day he was born. I was SO upset that my parents didn't pick me up from school (as promised!!) on their way to the hospital. I was super excited for my first nephew to arrive. I was going to be an aunt at age 10 and that was pretty cool.

We've always been close, until he got too cool for me. lol He was my little sidekick. I would teach him how to say things in Spanish and ride his bike. As he got older, he would stand next to me in hopes that he had caught up with my height. He has now accomplished that goal.

Brandon will graduate next month and that blows my mind! I can still remember taking pictures of him when he was about 3 in my parents flower garden and here I am taking his senior pictures. Time flies!


I am so proud of you!

Love, Your Favorite Aunt ;)

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  1. these look great!!! Love the locations too, so cool!